What does “D/S” mean on an I-94 form, and how does it affect your immigration status?

Answer: “D/S” on an I-94 form stands for “Duration of Status.” This designation is used primarily for students (F-1 visa), exchange visitors (J-1 visa), and certain other non-immigrants. It means that the individual is allowed to remain in the U.S. as long as they maintain the conditions of their status, such as being enrolled in a full course of study or participating in an approved exchange program.

Understanding “D/S” is crucial because it does not specify a fixed departure date. Instead, your legal stay in the U.S. is contingent on complying with the terms of your visa category. If you fail to maintain your status, you may be considered out of status, leading to potential immigration issues, including deportation or difficulty in obtaining future visas.

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