Our Firm

The Animal Legal Center provides an array of legal services for animal owners and guardians. We are the only dedicated animal law practice in Colorado and are one of the few firms through the United States that practice animal-related law on a full time basis. While individual members of The Animal Legal Center hold political and ethical beliefs related to animals, the ALC considers ALL cases, regardless of a potential client’s political and ethical views. The ALC is a firm that practices law as it pertains to animals, not necessarily animal-rights law.

The Animal Legal Center, headquartered in Kansas, is the first multi-branched firm to practice under the broad umbrella of animal law. Acting as a unified force, the ALC aims to advance the legal status of animals in alignment with mainstream American views. By working closely with the judicial, legislative, and animal communities, the ALC strives to achieve legal recognition that animals are sentient beings, deserving of protection. The ALC also endeavors to strengthen the legal recognition that destruction of the bond between an animal and his/her guardian is often cause of severe emotional pain and suffering. As the law stands now, a pet is worth only its economic value. A person is no more liable for causing your emotional suffering by killing your companion animal than he is by cutting the power cord to your television.

The Animal Legal Center handles any type of legal action, whether it is transactional or litigation, that affects the rights, standing and/or welfare of an animal or its human counterpart. Animal law encompasses all traditional legal practices including, but not limited to, contracts, torts, product liability, malpractice, livestock and equine law, family law, estate planning, landlord-tenant, property, and constitutional law. Because there is very little pro-animal legal precedent in existence, each case handled by the ALC offers an opportunity to change the legal future for animals across the United States.

The Animal Legal Center is committed to practicing and advancing the law to provide the most protection available to animals and the most recourse to those who make animals an integral part of their lives—whether as a pet owner, an equestrian, a rancher, a non-profit organization or a conservation biologist. In practicing animal law, the ALC specializes in using innovative tools we have developed to represent animal-related issues in judicial, legislative and transactional forums.

The Animal Legal Center is also consulted by private veterinary practices. The ALC reviews files and patient charts to determine the strengths and weaknesses in a veterinary practice, as well as how liability issues may be addressed to help limit liability. The ALC also advises veterinary practices and students on new mandatory reporting procedures with regards to abuse and animal fighting.