How do you prove extreme hardship for an I-601 waiver?

Answer: Proving extreme hardship for an I-601 waiver is a critical step in the process of overcoming certain immigration barriers, such as inadmissibility due to unlawful presence or other violations. Extreme hardship must be shown to a qualifying U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident family member, demonstrating that their life would be significantly impacted if the waiver is not granted.

To prove extreme hardship, you need to provide substantial evidence in areas such as:

  • Health: Documentation of medical conditions and the lack of adequate medical care in the applicant’s home country.
  • Financial: Proof of financial dependence, loss of income, and inability to maintain a standard of living.
  • Educational: Disruptions in the education of family members.
  • Personal: Evidence of strong family ties in the U.S. and emotional distress caused by separation.

Gathering and presenting this evidence effectively requires careful preparation and a strategic approach.

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