Can You Provide a Sample Hardship Letter for Immigration for a Spouse?


Can you provide a sample hardship letter for immigration for a spouse?


Certainly! A hardship letter is a crucial part of an immigration waiver application, as it details the extreme hardship that the U.S. citizen or permanent resident spouse would face if the immigrant spouse were deported or denied entry. Here’s a sample hardship letter for your reference:

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
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Subject: Hardship Letter in Support of [Spouse’s Name]’s Waiver Application

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to provide a detailed account of the extreme hardship I would face if my spouse, [Spouse’s Name], were to be deported or denied entry to the United States. Our relationship and my life would be severely impacted in numerous ways, and I respectfully request that you consider this when reviewing [Spouse’s Name]’s waiver application.

Emotional and Psychological Hardship

[Spouse’s Name] and I have been married for [number] years, and our bond is incredibly strong. The thought of being separated from my spouse causes me immense emotional distress. I suffer from [mention any psychological conditions if applicable, such as anxiety or depression], and [Spouse’s Name] provides essential emotional support that is critical to my well-being. The absence of my spouse would exacerbate my condition, leading to severe mental health issues.

Financial Hardship

We have established a stable financial life together, and [Spouse’s Name] is a significant contributor to our household income. [He/She] works as a [Job Title], and losing [his/her] income would result in substantial financial strain. I would struggle to pay our mortgage, utilities, and other essential expenses on my income alone. Additionally, the cost of traveling to [Spouse’s Name]’s home country to maintain our relationship would be prohibitive.

Medical Hardship

I have a [mention any medical conditions if applicable], which requires ongoing medical treatment and support. [Spouse’s Name] plays a vital role in my care, helping me with daily activities and providing transportation to medical appointments. Losing [his/her] support would jeopardize my health and make it difficult for me to manage my condition effectively.

Impact on Family

We have a strong support network of family and friends here in the United States. Our [children/parents/etc.] rely on [Spouse’s Name] for [mention any specific support provided]. The removal of [Spouse’s Name] would not only devastate me but also have a profound impact on our entire family, causing emotional turmoil and disruption.


In conclusion, the separation from [Spouse’s Name] would cause me extreme hardship in emotional, financial, medical, and familial aspects of my life. I humbly ask that you consider these factors and approve [Spouse’s Name]’s waiver application, allowing us to continue our lives together in the United States.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Name]